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Do you need to drastically
cut your energy bills?

If you have been reading our Deceptions (scams) series, you might be thinking -- what the heck, these people sell an e-book too? While this site is full of free material, this is a more detailed analysis that goes far beyond what you will ever see in other e-books and generates some cash flow to support this site. I may publish a regular print copy some day via Amazon, but for now it will be electronic.

This e-book is for people that need to drastically reduce their cost of living and want more insight than simplistic notions like “go solar” or “use compact fluorescent bulbs”. You can of course, be brutally effective by simply doing without, canceling your utility services and rolling back the clock eighty years. I think this is too extreme for most of us nor is there any point in needless sacrificing comfort. Instead I will guide you through a complete analysis of how to reduce your bills, determine what everything is costing you and calculate the economic returns of the alternatives – all with an emphasis on the bottom line – your monthly cash outlay.

Energy prices are consuming an ever increasing portion of our take-home pay due to many factors including wage stagnation, declining hydrocarbon reserves, increasing world-wide demand, deregulation and mandated price increases designed to promote alternate energy. Even without further increases in energy cost, it is becoming more important than ever to slash monthly energy expenses, significantly increase personal saving and minimize debt. I started this project before the economic disaster of 2009 thinking that rising energy prices would force us to change, but now it appears that falling incomes and unemployment will be the driving factors.

The following areas are covered in great detail -- enough detail to give you a worthwhile headache. A stiff drink may help.

  1. How to analyze electric and natural gas bills and determine what is used for heating, cooling and day-to-day living.
  2. How to figure out how much each individual appliance in your house costs you to run.
  3. A brief introduction to economics and present value – just enough so that you will be able to answer questions like “is that ENERGY STAR® qualified appliance worth an extra $300?” or “What is the return on an air conditioning upgrade?”.
  4. How to determine the ventilation (air flow) required for a family home needed to maintain indoor air quality, when to use a heat exchanger and when it is better to just open the windows.
  5. How to determine which fuel you should use for heating and hot water
  6. Why installing too much insulation is not cost effective.
  7. How to determine whether insulating a hot water tank and/or the hot water pipes is useless or a good idea.
  8. How to determine if on-demand water heaters make sense.
  9. Why solar heating is probably not a viable option, plus details on how to procede if it does make sense.
  10. Drain water heat recovery
  11. How to determine if you should upgrade your air-conditioner and whether evaporative cooling is a better option.
  12. Which appliances use so little power that they are not worth worrying about, and which ones are problems.
  13. When it is not a good idea to replace a ordinary light bulb with a compact florescent.
  14. When is insulating a heating duct a waste of money.
  15. Thermal imaging

All equations are included so that you can easily recalculate them for your specific situation. At the end, we have a list of the top home energy consumers and a detailed discussion on what to do about each, including alternatives and the cost savings expected.

Thinking of going solar (photovoltaic panels on your roof to generate electricity) or installing a wind generator? You need to understand everything in this e-book and cut your energy consumption to the bone or there is little chance you will be able to generate enough power to run your home.

Finally, this is not a collection of ideas from other sources. It is a methodical approach which looks at everything in your home. There is a great deal of original research in here and thousands of hours of work. I took nothing on faith and ran laboratory tests to prove everything so as not to mislead anyone. You are getting a bargain.

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Slashing Home Energy Costs

ISBN 978-0-9810920-0-1

An e-book version is now available for the Amazon Kindle e-book reader.

Slashing Homer Energy Costs e-book

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Slashing Home Energy Costs

ISBN 978-0-9810920-0-3

Runtime: 1 hour 50 minutes

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Slashing Home Energy Costs DVD