HydroCare for Limescale

There was an informative article with scientific references located here which may reappear later. However, I think the response from the distributors tells you everything you need to know. Their message has also been logged with chillingeffects.org .

Update: Hydrocare claims the message they posted on this site's comments form is copyright by them. There is some case law supporting the idea that e-mails are copyright, but this would be breaking new ground. For now, I have removed their comments.

Lime Scale Submission

This site is maintained by a retired Chemistry professor from Simon Fraiser University that has everything you could want to know about water treatment pseudoscience (false science) Magnetic water treatment and pseudoscience

There is a good discussion here: Discussion about Hydroscale

National Consumers League’s Fraud Center (on-line complaint form)

Federal Trade Commission (on-line complaint form)

Canadian Anti-Fraud Center (they share with US authorities)

FBI Tips (on-line form)