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Government based consumer protection is ineffective. Consumer activism via the web is threatened too because freedom of speech is rapidly mutating into freedom to speak as long as no significant commercial interest is offended.

Consider the following:

The sociopathic behavior of many manufacturers and the almost total impunity for internet scam artists is a microcosm of the larger financial and political reality. Just look at for financial lawlessness and for a look at the political lawlessness. One could argue that given the trillion dollar swindles, endless wars and institutionalized murder foisted upon humanity by the financial oligarchy, that protecting people from mere rip offs or the occasional home burning down is just trivial. If we give up fighting the small things due to cynicism we lose something very important – our belief that we can make a difference and that fighting sociopathic behavior everywhere it is found is indeed important. We will leave the bigger things to the Glenn Greenwalds and Tylers of the world and continue to provide technical expertise to expose scams.

Scams are big business. When the State of Texas sued Water4Gas, they estimated 3,197 Texans purchased the water4gas manual for a total of $310,109. This is serious money when scaled up world wide. Google also profits handsomely too. Thousands of affiliates install pre-packaged web sites to promote products and have to pay Google for every ad clicked. Given that many scams return hundreds of thousands of google hits and the high cost of certain key words -- I expect that Google makes more money off scamming the public than anyone else.

How you can help

If you want to contribute, please send links to questionable products. Most of the reviews here originated as requests from readers. If you have the financial resources or balls of steel, consider hosting some of the more litigious scammer's product reviews knowing that you will absolutely be sued if they can find you. I would be interested in organizing a swarm of sites willing to host any scam review that results in legal harassment, with the copyright automatically being transferred into the public domain so that there would be no way for this site to recall the article. Knowing that legally harassing this site over a page would result in a thousand copies all over the world, could be a massive deterrent.

Angry mail and hate mail:

We get a surprising amount of irate letters that leave me speechless, and we can't tell whether the writers are baiting me or just unstable people. Some of the more common complaints we will address below:

Reporting Scams

It is important that you report all scams. The more complaints there are in the federal databases, the more likely these scams will be investigated and shut down.

Federal Trade Commission Complaint Assistant