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Welcome to NLCPR (new host!)

This site is my personal contribution to creating a sustainable society. All of the material here is original and unlike many other sites, there are no Google ads.

For those of you who are interested in science and the engineering of sustainable living - new pages are being added all the time.

There is a scam busting section here that gets a lot of attention. I consider this a public service because it can be found virtually nowhere else and there is a need for it. My main focus is in the underpinnings of a sustainable society which includes housing design, cooperative enterprises and alternate energy.

You shouldn't be surprised to hear that much of what you hear in the media is simplistic, distorted and often just plain wrong. Journalists often don't have the science backgrounds needed to see through the deceptions and even if they did, television stations and newspapers are owned by large corporations or wealthy individuals who have no interest in disturbing the status quo. Numerous journalists have written to tell me that they are severely limited in what they can write about without losing their jobs.

Another major problem is the perceived need to provide "balanced" journalism, so for example, a story about something totaly undisputed like "global warming is not due to sun spots" is paired up with a quote from an opposing view. As a reader, you might conclude that there is legitimate uncertainity when in fact, there is none. The opposing views are often as trustworthy as the National Enquirer or the local anti-gravity society yet get equal coverage in 'science' articles. I do not include any opposing views that are not grounded in science nor do I consider this unbalanced.

Have fun and enjoy the site, and please leave comments. We are always open to ideas for improvement.